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Enterprise Systems Associates (ESAi)

Enterprise Systems Associates Inc. (ESAi) has tools for database productivity, enterprise-wide test data management, performance, audit and security for mainframe and distributed systems. Our mission is to help IT get the job done, maintain service-level agreements and realize operational savings. Qualified database and IT staff resources are in short supply, and workloads are increasing. Our innovative solutions help you meet this challenge through automation as well as optimizing workloads, cost, machine and staff efforts.

XDM/BCV5 enables you to find and order the data that fits your needs, manage data across different environments and automatically deliver data to where it’s needed. This comprehensive test data management solution facilitates data masking, data refreshing, cloning and efficient data provisioning. It supports Db2 z/OS, Db2 LUW, Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, VSAM, IMS, cloud, DevOps and more. The XDM/BCV5 suite enables developers, DBAs, test/QA and general IT staff to tackle daily challenges with flexible, repeatable, error-free processes.”

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BPA4DB2/SQLQC is a buffer pool advisor and SQL performance/tuning solution for Db2 for z/OS. It replaces old, dated vendor solutions with a new level of expert analysis. It easily identifies, recommends and performs ongoing monitoring and alerting to ensure optimum performance and responsive Db2 systems. The SQLQC component identifies and analyzes problem SQL from mainframe or distributed systems, and offers actions for improvement, simulation and overall performance advice. BPA4DB2/SQLQC offers modern, powerful analysis with low overhead and low trace data volume. Partners include authors UBSHainer, GmbH and SPR.

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Database access monitoring approaches in vogue miss reporting accesses to sensitive data and hacker breaches. DBARS unique and efficient intercept-based technology for Db2 database auditing and protection overcomes these deficiencies. Its real-time database access monitoring and reporting technology implements powerful auditing, alerting and blocking capabilities with minimal overhead. Costly Db2 audit tracing and/or log processing are made obsolete. This provides a more powerful, timely, cost-efficient way to audit and protect data from being breached.

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