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Fischer International Systems Corp

For more than 40 years, Fischer’s vision for software development has been to provide innovative solutions designed to leverage and enhance the mainframe’s place in the enterprise. Accelerate time to productivity with Fischer solutions for the mainframe. Interactive Output Facility (IOF) provides value with a strategic diagnostic ability and bottom-line problem resolution. Additionally, Fischer’s strategic partnership with LogOn provides maintenance and support for various IBM products.

IOF JES2 Management benefits your entire team by providing greater diagnostic tools for daily operation and detail for fast bottom-line problem resolution. IOF accelerates time to productivity with an intuitive interface.

In addition to all standard JES2 management features, the powerful executive job summary provides a comprehensive view of job information on one screen, including a return code and a menu of its sysout data sets.

Maximize productivity with:
• IOFSEND, a unique standard feature that automatically converts batch job output into HTML and emails it for easy filing on your PC.
• The ZF command, which allows the user to browse an entire PDS as a flat file. Scan for strings in a PDS using a revolutionary new approach unique to IOF.
• JobFind (JF), which allows users to browse all the jobs in the job list. IOF allows the user to apply knowledge of another product’s commands to IOF with a minimal learning curve for users of other JES2 products.

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IOF powerful tools benefits your team with greater, bottom-line diagnostic features. Time to productivity is accelerated by an intuitive interface

The principles of Zero Trust are the foundation for Fischer’s full suite identity solution. When you can control all aspects of identity, you will have a more secure business. We offer automated provisioning, identity governance, password management and access management. Request a demo at

Fischer Identity is control.