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HarrisData is a family-owned and -operated business that has succeeded for over 50 years through a commitment to excellence and a determination to serve customers well. Developing enterprise application software solutions for mid-sized businesses, HarrisData offers ERP, HRIS, CRM and financial management. Implementation strategy focuses on getting live quickly; development focuses on features that deliver value, with the license designed around our customers. Our software delivers the basic tools that help you grow your business.

AppsInHD HRIS provides a hands-off HR/payroll solution. The interactive aspect eliminates the complexity of processes with pervasive automation using upfront rules configuration. You can plan ahead, set calendars and feed the pay transactions—plus AppsInHD HRIS runs payroll. Paycheck recalculation on-demand eliminates the need to do complete payroll reruns, and alerts allow for better business management. The UI allows enterprise users to organize work, eliminate busywork and get jobs done quickly and efficiently.

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HarrisData’s ERP is an expert integrated system designed exclusively for IBM Power Systems. A comprehensive set of integrated applications manages the flow of information throughout the enterprise, including manufacturing, distribution, accounting, CRM, purchasing, human resources, payroll and employee self-service. Flexibility enables companies to respond quickly to customer demands, control costs and reduce time to market. Enabling improved processes and tools such as lean manufacturing and Kanban boosts productivity and profits while reducing waste for companies.

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HarrisData’s state-of-the-art financial application utilizes the latest browser-based, drill-down functionality, simplifying preparation, analysis and interpretation of financial statements. Access to information such as source data is readily available for any transaction at any time. Accounts Payable provides the tools to control cash expenditures, improve cash management, provide comprehensive vendor management and reduce effort. Accounts Receivable manages the task of recording sales and collecting cash, including invoice entry, aging, collections, cash posting and customer management.

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