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M81 is a software house (ISV) specialized on IBM i.

Already 600+ end-customers in 23 countries (Europe, Americas) running 1000 LPARs.

2 “easy to use” solutions which are sold by 40+ partners worldwide:

  • “Flash for i”

Backups without disrupting production | Multiple daily instant recovery copies | Test environments created/refreshed instantly.

  • “Control for i”

180 Plug & Play checks for IBM i and applications added into your enterprise monitoring.

Gain agility on your IBM i, thanks to instant copies (FlashCopies/SnapShots).

No more impact on IBM i production to

  • Perform Backups (including Save 21).
  • Trigger daily Recovery copies (including SafeGuarded copies) to recover your data after loss or corruption due to human error, malware or disaster
  • Generate/refresh in new environments in 15 minutes, including analytics, tests, acceptance, preprod, anonymization and more.
Learn more about Flash for i

Be more proactive: Integrate the IBM i into your existing monitoring tool by adding more than 180 plug-and-play controls.

Benefits include:

  • Monitor everything with a high level of accuracy and responsiveness using only one tool (Nagios, PRTG, SolarWinds, Zabbix, etc.).
  • Easily add IBM i controls without ANY development.
  • Compatible with your monitoring administrator.
  • Get alerts before problems become critical.
Learn more about Control for i
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