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MainTegrity Inc

MainTegrity Inc. is a software development company leading the way in innovation for z/OS mainframes. Our mission is to create software solutions that make the mainframe the most secure platform on Earth.

Our FIM+ product delivers both cybersecurity and compliance with a high degree of automation and is particularly effective against ransomware.

Early Warning detects and stops malicious encryption in seconds. Data exfiltration can also be identified and mitigated to help revolutionize mainframe integrity.

MainTegrity FIM+ delivers the only full-function file integrity monitoring solution for IBM mainframes. FIM+ integrates with your existing cybersecurity tools on z/OS, cloud and other platforms to eliminate security gaps that hackers exploit.

FIM+ enables you to:

• Combat ransomware and detect other malicious threats
• Intercept/suspend malicious encryptions in seconds
• Fight data exfiltration by tracking suspicious user behavior
• Respond to attacks with GUI-driven forensics
• Recover compromised software and parms surgically
• Comply with PCI DSS, NIST CSF, HIPPA, GDPR and other standards
• Reduce admin and compliance work for support staff

Stop ransomware in seconds. In a revolutionary step forward for the IT industry, MainTegrity FIM+ software can now detect and help neutralize ransom attacks. Encryption can be weaponized in the hands of unscrupulous criminals or rogue state entities. FIM+ can now identify malicious encryption actions and suspend the offending process immediately. Our GUI-based investigative tools make it easy to react. Halting the damage being done results in time to ensure the correct actions are being taken, instantaneously!

In addition, Early Warning provides protection against other common assault vectors including mass deletes, data overwriting, suspicious user behavior and more. Rather than waiting hours or days for conventional tools to indicate a problem exists, customers can react immediately, limiting the damage done to sensitive data by orders of magnitude.

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