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Midrange Dynamics North America

IBM i shops large and small trust software and services from MDNA to evolve their IT strategies without hampering productivity. With Midrange Dynamics integrated solutions, meet your DevOps, application modernization, and CI/CD goals on schedule and on budget. Whether you are just getting started or lack software updates, responsive support and reasonable fees from your current vendor, we can help. Our team’s decades of experience will make it easier for you to build great applications.

Check out this sponsored interactive content experience, where IBM i experts Donna Westmoreland and Sapan Shah from Midrange Dynamics North America reveal seven key considerations for shifting to a DevOps framework.

MDRest4i enables IBM i programmers to easily build quick and secure REST APIs and consumers using RPG and SQL RPG ILE. As an IBM i application expert, enforce your business rules without relying on middleware, code abstractions or connectivity drivers. Build any kind of integration with your IBM i applications. MDRest4i comprises an RPGLE development framework, a software development kit, and an API documentation portal. MDNA clients can use MDChange to track and deploy their MDRest4i APIs.

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MDChange unites IBM i and enterprise development so projects move smoothly to production, with outstanding support for DevOps and CI/CD pipelines. MDChange keeps track of software changes throughout the build cycle, and it supports popular IDEs (including VS Code), DevOps and CI/CD pipelines. Field-level cross-referencing quickly identifies what needs to be changed. Source can reside in source files, IFS or a Git/SVN repository. Deploy IBM i objects, Java, PHP and other application code in one package to IFS or other servers, with flexible rollback.

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Moving to modern, efficient database architecture is easier to plan and achieve. MDRapid substantially reduces business application downtime and risk as you deploy IBM i database changes across your enterprise. High availability technology, in conjunction with change management techniques, converts IBM i database files with minimal interruption. Your business applications can continue to access databases as usual while database management is taking place. Move the new files into production with only minutes of downtime.

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