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NewEra Software, Inc.

NewEra Software, Inc. was founded in 1990 with the specific goal of developing, marketing, and supporting innovative Mainframe System Management tools and services. Thanks to the continued support of thousands of System Programming Professionals worldwide who have come to depend on NewEra, its products and support, the company has become an industry leader and set the standard for repair, data erasure, continuous backups and system resiliency. All of these ensure the ongoing integrity of critical Mainframe Systems worldwide.

ICEDirect is a Web-based application platform utilizing a secure TCP/IP connection between its z/OS-resident webserver/client and an internet browser/server to access and visualize z/OS resident data. It supports Image FOCUS (IFO), The Control Editor (TCE), and other applications adding access to z/OS, RACF, ICSF, System SSL, among others. All exploit this unique z/OS-to-browser platform creating a visual form that results in a more interactive user experience and provides a deeper understanding of complex z/OS information. This unique platform installs as an MVS started task with applications during a typical Image FOCUS install and does not require a separate web server.

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Inspections are a “Virtual IPL” of the z/OS Environment. Like a “Real IPL,” they validate an IPL Unit Address and LOADPARM. Once discovered, LOADxx content is filtered, PARMLIB Members checked for syntactical correctness, referential integrity, existence and attribute of system datasets are reviewed in detail. Various Inspectors report a vast array of findings, potential problems that could result in an IPL failure. Unique features, like Sysplex Inspection, and New Release Analysis, helps you transition from old to new z/OS versions. Automated Change Detection and Reporting provide complete monitoring of operational integrity, readiness and resilience of the z/OS Environments.

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The Control Editor (TCE) provides the control and operational balance needed between systems programmers, who must have access to critical z/OS resources, and the desire of security officers, compliance managers, and auditors, to establish effective management controls – controls that monitor for compliance, which detect and report changes in real-time. TCE manages access controls at both the dataset, member, module and program object level, augmenting, via micro segmentation and other enforcement techniques, those provided by the External Security Manager (ESM). Considered as ‘Compensating Control’, TCE fills a long-standing gap between conventional Change Management Tools and the ESM.

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