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PKWARE provides one of the only end-to-end sensitive data solutions that detects and protects sensitive data across the enterprise, whether in structured, unstructured, semi-structured, or free-form data formats, regardless of device or environment.

PK Protect for z/OS empowers organizations to accurately perform discovery and protection against their critical data stored in large VSAM clusters, sequential (extended and GDG), Partitioned (and extended), and Tape data sets on IBM Z mainframes. PK Protect for z/OS results are unmatched in the industry, giving your regulatory, data governance, and security teams the confidence they need to face oncoming audits and security challenges now and well into the future.

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PKWARE redefines data security with its PK Encrypt solution, ensuring that sensitive data remains encrypted, irrespective of its state or location. This revolutionary approach guarantees that even if data falls into the wrong hands, it remains inaccessible without the encryption key.

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