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Profound Logic

Profound Logic is the only IBM i technology partner that takes you beyond modernization and into futurization, empowering you to transition into the demands of tomorrow. For more than 22 years, we’ve helped IT teams embrace the future with industry-leading solutions for system transformation, API creation/management, application development and more. The future is flexible with Profound Logic.

Create and deploy APIs in days not months on IBM i.

API creation is often confusing, time-consuming, and overwhelming. This is because many IT leaders still believe complex problems require complex solutions. The reality is APIs can be surprisingly simple. Sadly, many API solutions promised ease but profited by making it hard. There is a better way. And it is paved in fully transparent, highly automated and highly scalable low code.

Simplifying AI Integration with Profound API

Modernization is no longer modern. Welcome to futurization. 74% of modernization efforts fail. Textbook approaches are too rigid to deal with the complexity of the real world. True transformation requires highly flexible solutions, teams and tools.

Flexible Code Transformation is a service that gives businesses an automated approach to converting legacy IBM i RPG source code to Node.js or truly modern RPG.

Digital Transformation: The Value of Legacy Code & When to Move On

Profound.js provides low-code development capabilities, significantly accelerating the process of developing and deploying IBM i desktop and mobile applications by removing manual hand-coding efforts. The new applications are built in Node.js, which runs natively on IBM i and other on-premises and cloud platforms.

With this low-code solution, IT departments can keep up with the demands of maintaining existing applications while deploying new applications and application enhancements in a fraction of the time of traditional development. It mitigates the challenge new developers have when adjusting to developing on the IBM i platform and ensures development doesn’t slow down when RPG developers retire.

Reimagine Application Development: Test it Yourself Today