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Real Vision Software (RVI)

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) is an industry-leading paperless solution that enables you to digitize and index your most important documents, making them available for later retrieval, including secured access from the web or even a mobile device. RVI is a cross-industry solution available on three platforms: Power Systems running IBM i, Microsoft Windows and cloud. RVI provides the expertise to assist with requirements definition, implement your system, train your users and deliver superb help desk support following your install.

RVI Complete for IBM i document imaging system is a powerful and robust solution that incorporates all of the advanced imaging and management functions to satisfy a variety of business needs. It’s a solution for scanning, storage, retrieval of black-and-white documents and color images, spool files, overlays, email, fax, audio and video content. This product is easily integrated with your core business applications. It’s user-friendly and scalable from a pilot program to an enterprise-wide content management solution. Has AI enabled.

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RVI Complete for Windows is a powerful digital document management solution developed for the Microsoft Windows platform. It’s a comprehensive digital archive system that incorporates advanced imaging functions to satisfy a variety of business needs. RVI Complete for Windows easily integrates with existing business applications and is user-friendly and scalable from a pilot project to an enterprise-wide solution.

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The RVI Cloud document imaging solution runs in a protected and reliable environment with a monthly/yearly rate based on your company’s data usage. It offers the complete solution, which includes scanning, workflow, viewing, mobile applications and also capture and storage of PC documents, reports, files, photos and video. Your RVI imaging system also includes many levels of security to protect your data and images. As an extra security tracking measure, RVI offers auditing and tracking so you can always know the history of each document. Has AI enabled.

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