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Rocket Software partners with enterprises of all industries to solve their most complex IT challenges across infrastructure, data and applications—with solutions that simplify, not disrupt, their modernization journey. Trusted by over 10,000 customers, Rocket enables seamless in-place modernization with our tools, preserving IBM i reliability and security while embracing the benefits of the cloud. Rocket Software simplifies IBM i modernization as we embrace the challenges of an evolving era with our users.

Utilize a self-service data intelligence platform built on automation that spans cloud, distributed and mainframe infrastructures. Our data intelligence software can manage the complex environments of the world’s largest organizations, regardless of how they are using their data.

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Unlock the potential of your IBM i platform with Rocket Software’s cutting-edge solutions. Elevate user and developer experiences, foster a customer-centric, digital-first approach and streamline operations with automated deployments and open-source integrations. Our suite empowers your organization to adapt, innovate and thrive in a fast-paced world while ensuring compliance and optimizing productivity. Modernize your IBM i applications seamlessly, embrace agility and stay ahead of the curve with Rocket Solutions for IBM i.

Download the Whitepaper: AI in an IBM®️ i World: Are You Ready to Move Forward?

Rocket DevOps (formerly Rocket Aldon) allows companies to implement CI/CD, enabling freedom of experimentation throughout the development and deployment lifecycles. You can utilize built-in project management functionality or integration with third-party tools. This provides developers and IT teams with environments that refine and test new user experiences, technologies or processes needed to enable continuous innovation. The built-in automated workflows in our mainframe DevOps tools also eliminate reliance upon error-prone manual workflows, accelerate development, and improve productivity across the workflow.

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