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RSH Consulting

RSH Consulting, Inc. is a professional services firm established in 1992 and dedicated to helping clients strengthen their IBM z/OS mainframe cybersecurity by fully exploiting the capabilities and latest innovations in RACF. RSH staff is comprised entirely of exceptionally experienced technicians led by a recognized RACF expert. Our finely honed processes and extensive software toolset enable us to deliver the highest quality services efficiently and cost-effectively. For your next RACF project, contact RSH.

RSH reviews pinpoint even the most obscure security exposures and identify opportunities for improving RACF administration and performance. We scrutinize all RACF controls to ensure critical system resources are protected. RSH looks beyond RACF to examine mainframe security policies, standards and procedures, and to inspect RACF-interface configuration options in other system software. This holistic approach provides a more insightful picture of the overall mainframe security posture. Knowing your security exposures is essential to
prioritizing remediation.

RSH can tackle almost any RACF implementation, enhancement or remediation task, whether large or small and no matter how intricate. Our services are customized to meet specific client needs and budgets and range from occasional advisor to ad hoc assistance to complete, hands-on implementation. RSH staff can work independently or as teammates alongside client staff. We provide clear explanations of what was done and why so that clients can properly maintain controls going forward.

RSH is at the forefront of training the next generation of RACF administrators, technicians and auditors. Our course series offers the ideal pathway for expanding your RACF skills. RACF Level I Administration covers basic RACF functions and commands. Level II provides greater depth on RACF options and controls. Level III discusses RACF protection for CICS, JES, SDSF, DFSMS, programs and system commands. Securing z/OS Unix addresses the synergistic relationship between File System and RACF controls.

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