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Software AG helps you integrate anything, anywhere, any way you want with application, data, API and B2B integration in the same enterprise integration platform. Founded in 1969, Software AG understands the value of enterprise software. Businesses and governments around the world rely on missioncritical applications built on Software AG’s Adabas & Natural. By integrating your enterprise systems with the cloud and new technologies, Software AG helps you accelerate innovation by building on what works.

Software AG’s CONNX provides data integration from the mainframe to multiple data platforms on-premises to the cloud. Whether you are looking to power data-driven apps, support real-time dashboards, move data to the cloud or support a hybrid architecture, CONNX can access more than 150 data sources and provide data virtualization, ETL, ELT, CDC and replication solutions at a low TCO. CONNX uniquely provides standard SQL data access to non-relational data sources (e.g., VSAM, IMS) in just minutes—so you can make faster decisions by putting real-time data at the fingertips of your analysts and decision-makers without moving it or impacting mainframe performance.

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Adabas is a high-performance database that supports large-scale transaction processing of data on IBM z/OS, Linux and the cloud. Adabas can store multiple data relationships in the same table, eliminating data redundancies found in RDBMS. You can easily access Adabas data with SQL, replicate to the cloud, data lakes and BI platforms.

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Natural is the programming language used by the world‘s largest companies and governments to create modern enterprise applications on IBM z/OS, Linux and the cloud. It is so easy to learn that developers can be productive in a matter of days. With the NaturalONE Eclipse-based IDE, you can increase developer productivity, accelerate modernization and participate in DevOps lifecycle and toolchains.

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EntireX provides API integration for COBOL and Natural applications. By reusing the business processes and high-value data of your custom enterprise applications, you can quickly add new digital channels, participate in hybrid-cloud environments, integrate with new applications, deliver robust user experiences on any device and gain real-time insights into your business.

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ApplinX provides a low-risk, non-invasive approach to modernizing your enterprise applications. Transform screen-based programs into modern web interfaces and high-value business services—without touching your code. By providing access from a simple browser-based web terminal, a modern front-end application, enterprise-wide web services or externally through application programming interfaces (APIs), you can unlock your core application functionality and data to make it available across hybrid architectures.

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StreamSets empowers data engineers to build, run, monitor and manage smart data pipelines for the modern data ecosystem. It provides a single pane of glass for monitoring all pipelines to eliminate blind spots and control gaps. StreamSets Mainframe Collector provides the most efficient and secure approach to liberate mainframe data (e.g., Adabas, Db2, IMS, VSAM) for cloud-based data analytics. The data is presented in a relational format, is easy to understand and can be queried with SQL.

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