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Software Engineering of America (SEA) – Enterprise

Established in 1982, Software Engineering of America (SEA) is a worldwide leading provider of optimization, automation and system management solutions. SEA’s customers include nine of the Fortune 10 and more than 90% of the Fortune 500.

SEA enables IBM Z modernization efforts and DevOps initiatives. It provides solutions that cover all aspects of automation and optimization, including DevOps integration, batch performance, JCL management and report and output management.

plus+Pack Suite is a complete JCL orchestration solution covering all aspects of enterprise JCL asset and testing management to achieve a higher level of automation and improve overall JCL quality.

plus+Pack thoroughly checks, validates, performs JCL run-time simulation and automates site standards enforcement and JCL changes.

plus+Pack can fully document your batch environment and identify which JCL components will be affected by a change or obsolescence. plus+Pack integrates with DevOps tools, including Java Scripting Language (JSL), Jenkins, Urban Code Deploy and IDEs.

plus+Pack suite: Complete JCL Orchestration Solution

The Sysout/Syslog Accumulation Viewing & Retrieval Solution (SAVRS) is crucial for IBM Z system output management.

SAVRS compression, self-optimization and elastic services fully automate the collection, archiving, viewing and retrieval of job entry subsystem output—including JCL, SYSOUT, Syslog and job log.

The SAVRS accumulated reports are accessed and viewed using standard IBM interfaces or modern interfaces, including Web UI and RESTful APIs. SAVRS advanced middleware provides a bridge to integrate other platform system logs.

$AVRS: IBM Z System Output Management

Total Report Management System (TRMS) enables viewing, archiving, distributing and printing reports and other IBM Z system production outputs.

IBM Z reports are accessed and viewed using standard 3270 terminal interfaces or modern user experiences, such as Web UI and RESTful APIs. Reports can be securely transformed into popular formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and text.

TRMS can also create indexes for searching across multiple reports and quick viewing of archived reports.

TRMS: Total Report Management System for IBM Z