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Software Engineering of America (SEA) – SMB

Established in 1982, Software Engineering of America (SEA) is a worldwide leading provider of optimization, security and monitoring solutions. SEA’s customers include nine of the Fortune 10 and over 90% of the Fortune 500.

SEA provides solutions for the IBM i including software for multi-factor authentication, auditing and compliance, exit point monitoring, user authority management, system message and resource monitoring, password management, encryption, SIEM integration and more.

absMessage is a comprehensive IBM i message and resource monitoring solution that allows you to centralize monitoring across your entire IBM i environment from a single point of view. With absMessage, IT responders are alerted when events occur, unresolved issues are escalated and automated responses can resolve events without IT involvement. IBM i specific ServiceNow tickets can be generated from monitored events.

absMessage monitors resources and manages messages through multiple interfaces, including a Web UI, mobile devices, 5250 green screen, as well as a Java GUI.

absMessage: IBM i Message and Resource Monitoring Solutions Overview

iSecurity is a comprehensive and user-friendly security, auditing, compliance and reporting solution for the IBM i environment.

The iSecurity suite provides end-to-end security for IBM i systems, including solutions for exit point monitoring, anti-ransomware, anti-virus, multi-factor authentication, audit and compliance reporting, self-service password reset, encryption and more.

iSecurity provides effortless compliance with mandatory security regulations and auditor requirements, including hundreds of IBM i security reports for meeting regulatory and auditing requirements.

iSecurity Suite: IBM i End-to-End Security Solution Overview

iSecurity Multi Factor Authentication (iSecurity MFA) is a powerful solution that provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) to secure IBM i sign-ons.

iSecurity MFA requires users to verify their identities with two or more authorization factors before gaining access to IBM i servers and data, improving security and satisfying many governmental, regulatory and insurance requirements.

iSecurity MFA is a pure IBM i based MFA solution and is 100% installed and runs on IBM i servers.

iSecurity Multi Factor Authentication (iSecurity MFA)