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The Source Recovery Company

The Source Recovery Company is a privately held corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia. SRC provides a service of recovering missing mainframe COBOL or Assembler source code directly from the executable object module.

The Source Recovery Company, with its patented ReSource technology, has been recovering COBOL and Assembler source programs directly from IBM z/OS mainframe executables since 1994. 

ReSource technology rebuilds source code in its original language, then validates its accuracy by recompiling the new source and comparing the resulting object module to the original.
Today, missing source code is often identified when organizations embark on modernization journeys, migration projects or compiler upgrades. The complexity of applications, along with the diminishing availability of subject matter experts (SMEs), means that seldom-accessed programs that were written 20-30 years ago simply disappear.

Why a source program is missing is not the issue. The question is: How can you fix the problem if you don’t have the source?
That’s where ReSource comes in. Recovering missing source code provides better results in less time and for a lower cost than rewriting or replacing the program. Additionally, it preserves the logic of the original source code and produces a functionally equivalent executable module.

Source Recovery services include:

• Complete recovery of an executable program back to its original language, limited to COBOL or Assembler
• Source code reconciliation to ensure a given source program is the same as the intended executable