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Velocity Software

Velocity Software was founded in 1988 to create the premier performance products for the z/VM platform. z/VM system performance was Velocity Software's singular commitment for a dozen years. With the introduction of Linux running in a z/VM environment and the proliferation of internet and networking activity, Velocity Software's view of performance measurement and management has expanded to include Linux and the network. 

When "private cloud" became a business requirement, Velocity Software created zPRO for full z/VM based private cloud management without using a guest Linux server and SMAPI as other solutions have attempted. Recently, Velocity Software has enhanced its z/VSE monitor and added z/OS data collection to the portfolio, so Velocity Software offers full enterprise performance management without the overhead. 

Velocity Software is a privately held company, headquartered in Mountain View, California, with offices in Columbus, Ohio, and Mannheim, Germany.

Features of zOSMON include:
• Offloads all processing from z/OS MIPS, leaving a footprint of almost zero resources consumption
• The incremental cost of processing each LPAR is expected to be much less than 1% of a processor
• zOSMON is designed to support an unlimited number of LPARs and CECs within one zVPS subsystem
• One enterprise view for operations, capacity planning, performance management and for chargeback
• zOSMON provides real time performance monitoring with a one-minute interval—with negligible performance impact or resource consumption

zPRO focuses on modernizing z/VM and Linux cloud management.

Highlights of zPRO include:
• Builds and manages an on-prem cloud
• Simplifies the provisioning and management of Linux servers and the z/VM host system
• Simplifies access requirement for managing z/VM with simple an easy-to-use tools and functions
z/VM system administration including a full zSPOOL feature to view console output, a built-in Directory Manager with zDIRECT, and security management
• Reduces z/VM administrator tasks by safely empowering end users

The complete performance package for Linux, TCP/IP, z/VM and z/VSE. zVPS contains the following components: zMON, zWRITE, zMAP, zTCP, zVWS, zVIEW, zALERT and zOPERATOR. Highlights include: capacity planning, operations support, performance analysis and chargeback. zVPS collects and analyzes data from z/VM, your Linux servers, network, z/VSE and z/OS systems in a consistent and integrated format. Data is continually collected, presented in real time, and stored in a single performance database. Automatic analysis triggers alerts when exceptions occur. Reports are generated for longterm trend analysis and capacity planning—and all of this information is accessible via your web browser or a CMS terminal.

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The zVRM component is the Velocity Software Resource Manager for managing Linux server configurations to meet current workload requirements. zVRM is a real-time management facility to manage Linux storage/ram resources and virtual CPU counts, both to meet current workload requirements.

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