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Virtel, a division of the SysperTec Group, is an independent software publisher founded in 1993 that develops, markets, and supports a comprehensive suite of System Z modernization technologies. Virtel has more than 30 years’ experience helping organizations modernize access and usability of mainframe applications to improve productivity, save money, and simplify support.

Virtel Screen Redesigner (VSR) transforms 3270 application screens into modern web pages that produce a genuine web experience. VSR is a no-code solution which overcomes issues earlier generations of 3270 web enablement tools experienced and is a simpler, faster and more cost-effective solution than redeveloping, replacing, or rehosting 3270 applications. Virtel Screen Redesigner:
• Features a drag-and-drop interface design, customizable widgets, re-useable HTML templates and a real-time preview capability
• Requires NO change to the mainframe application
• Intended for use by personnel familiar with the legacy 3270 application
• Requires NO web programming skills

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Virtel Web Access (VWA) securely serves 3270 screens as standard HTML5/JavaScript web pages over encrypted HTTPS connections. VWA replaces outdated TN3270 terminal emulators and expensive VTAM session managers. With VWA, there is:
• Nothing to install or support outside of z/OS or Z/VSE
• Works with any browser on any web-enabled device
• No Java/plug-in security risk and ability to centrally manage Macros
• Simplified multi-application access using the included Virtel Session Manager

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Virtel Web Integration (VWI) creates highly scalable real-time connections to integrate CICS, IMS, TSO and other mainframe applications with server, web or Cloud applications. VWI exposes host transactions either through legacy 3270 screen UIs or screenless COMMAREA transactions. Virtel Web Integration:
• Supports any web services protocol and format: RESTful, XML, JSON, SOAP, MQ and more
• Requires NO application code changes when using 3270 screen UIs
• Provides superior performance and scalability in a small host footprint

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