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Zetaly is a dynamic software editor and innovative solutions creator dedicated to assisting customers in adapting our cutting-edge technology to their unique needs and ecosystem. Zetaly Data Platform is the cornerstone of our offerings. It empowers businesses to extract valuable insights from their data to enhance performance, streamline resource allocation and drive cost efficiencies, enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving market.

By harnessing Zetaly’s predictive insights and seamless integration with financial operations (FinOps), organizations can make data-driven decisions, negotiate contracts with confidence and track projected versus actual expenditures.

Zetaly Resource Planning is a predictive analytics solution designed to build capacity plans, taking into account the evolution of your business. Based on historical activity and future user events, ZRP allows you to define the infrastructure and configuration requirements for your forecasted activity.

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Discover how Zetaly revolutionizes IT cost management by providing a comprehensive view of expenses, automated cost attribution and clear visibility into resource utilization. With real-time insights, organizations can achieve budgetary control, set thresholds and receive alerts for proactive expenditure monitoring.

Zetaly Cost Control is a cutting-edge FinOps analytical solution tailored to monitor the financial impact of your information system.

Zetaly Automated Capacity is a FinOps-focused software solution that optimizes mainframe capacity utilization.

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Zetaly Service Intelligence is an innovative ITOps solution built on the “Quick and Easy” concept. It enables organizations to quickly exploit operational data, extracting the necessary information for effective observation and decision-making in managing and optimizing information systems.

By leveraging ZSI’s observability solution (ITOps), businesses can easily tap into the valuable insights generated by their IT infrastructure, ultimately achieving optimal performance and maximizing the potential of their IT investments.

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