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TechChannel E-book: How to Effectively Monitor and Measure Your Data Center

Running an efficient data center requires constant monitoring and measurement. This means understanding everything from storage best practices and tools for maximizing performance. Data temperature, for example, often determines the percentage of budget that gets devoted to storing different types of data. Once you create process maps based on the data’s temperature, you can better manage both the data and the IT around the data. Virtual tape performance is also dependent on several factors: total system configuration, Tape Volume Cache capacity, number of channels, read/write ratio and data characteristics, and more.

This TechChannel e-book features insight from IBM’s Eric Herzog on hot, warm and cold data—and why data temperature should drive business storage decisions. And, Kyndryl’s John Shuman and Patrick Stanard explain which virtual tape best practices and tools you can leverage to maximize performance.

This TechChannel e-book is sponsored by Cybernetics.

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