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Leverage Form Software to Maximize Productivity

Should you consider implementing a forms solution to reduce reliance on AFP for developing forms on IBM i? Is generating more professional forms worth the effort? Let’s explore the benefits.

Want to increase productivity, free up thousands of dollars to invest in other projects, improve forms that will enhance company brand and customer engagement, and improve the system of generating forms? You need the most trusted forms software solution to create and generate forms on IBM i: TLAForms by TL Ashford. Here’s why:

Reduce Time to Production

For a client that generates 40,000 forms each week, forms are constantly being added and modified to accommodate new products and requirements. Coding these forms using AFP would require a team of programmers dedicated to the project. But with TLAForms, a non-programmer can quickly create and modify forms, saving the company hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars while freeing up resources to invest in other projects.

Improve Branding and Customer Engagement

Elaborate forms reflect your brand, but implementing seemingly simple features like expanded font selection, color, tables, bar codes and 2D symbols all cost money to add to a form as programmers write and tweak AFP trying to get a form looking the way it should. Too often, forms fall short of their potential using AFP and are left in an “it’s good enough” state—a missed opportunity to express the quality of your brand and company to drive customer engagement and satisfaction. TLAForms is loaded with design features to easily achieve the vision you have for your forms. Loads of fonts, full-color, images, overlays, bar codes and tables allow users to quickly achieve the look required to project your company’s brand.

Create More Functional Forms

Conditioning data and generating forms requires significant programming investment for each form. TLAForms provides tools even non-technical staff can use to create dynamic forms.

Conditioning Form Content and Data

Consider a multipage form. Page one of the form is a header page, the last page is a summary page, and the pages in between are detail pages. Coding forms with AFP requires custom coding for each form to accomplish this. TLAForms allows users to create simple conditions so the form generates the desired pages. With TLAForms, it’s also simple to replace data or bold lines of data on a form.

Achieve Dynamic Output

Determining how to generate a form takes a lot of resources. For instance: Should a form be printed? What printer should it be sent to? Should it be emailed or sent to the archive? All these require coding expertise. Tools in TLAForms accomplish this in seconds. Create a condition to generate a form. For example, if an email exists for a customer, generate the form as a PDF and attach it to an email. If no email is available, print the form to a particular printer, and save a PDF version of the form for archive. This is just one example of how TLAForms saves hours.

Add Functionality, Save Money and Create Forms for the Future!

As IBM i developers move toward retirement, the experience needed to manage AFP is becoming even more of a challenge. The functionality, ease of use, and features of TLAForms will improve your productivity, save money, free up resources and clearly reflect your company’s exceptional brand.

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