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Manfred Sielhorst

Name: Manfred Sielhorst
Title: CEO
Company Name: Sielhorst iT Beratung
Company’s Function: Consulting on technology integration
HQ: Darmstadt, Germany
Years in IT: 28

If I weren’t in IT, I would not work.

The trend affecting my work is math, real programming languages and standards such as Algol, Lisp, C, RPG, Java*, SQL, XML and LaTeX.

The next big thing for our business will be launching a community for POWER* students in Germany/Europe to create engagement with alumni already working in IT.

My guilty pleasure is potato chips.

If money were no object, the one thing I’d purchase is health for my family and financing a center of scientific research on better integrated technologies.

I ended up in IT when I studied math until I decided that the most impacting area is IT, where I was able to visualize complex situations such as chaos theory or evaluate complex equations by reducing dimensions of the initial problem.

My favorite musical artist is Freddie Mercury, lead vocalist of Queen.

The best movie I’ve seen recently is “Lord of the Rings.”

The business skill I’d most like to acquire or improve is doing intelligent business.

The superpower I wish I had is to fly and see the world like an eagle.

The geekiest thing I’ve ever owned is a mobile AS/400 for presenting ERP solutions. It still works even though it’s from 1996. Sometimes, I check on it just to make sure the noisy heater still works.

The favorite part of my day is breakfast outside on the terrace in my garden.

The biggest challenge our data center is facing today is making the choice between Linux* and IBM i on POWER or running applications in PASE. I’ve been working with students at the local university on this very topic for the past seven years. While both options work natively with Db2* for i, they have different impacts on application performance, file system access, network traffic and methods for high availability.