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Automated Analysis and Transformation for Enterprise COBOL Applications

CM First's John Rhodes and Roger Hammer on modernizing enterprise COBOL applications

Analyzing and transforming large systems on the IBM mainframe can be a challenge, but in today’s IT landscape, modernization is a necessity. That’s where CM First comes in, building reliable, rapid and cost-effective software tools to accelerate legacy code modernization on IBM Z.

In this Ask the Experts episode, CM First’s John Rhodes, CTO, and Roger Hammer, director, join host Reg Harbeck to highlight common challenges of modernizing COBOL applications—and how to overcome them. Watch the video to hear their insights on:

  • How pervasive is COBOL today?
  • What are some common approaches enterprises are taking to modernize COBOL?
  • How can you approach systems that have more than 10 million lines of code?
  • What tools and technologies can help accelerate modernization?
  • How does AI fit into today’s modernization strategies?