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How to Leverage RPG and RDi as Modern Development Business Tools

February 13, 2022

RPG is more than a programming language—it’s a business tool that’s integrated neatly within IBM i, making it a must-have in any developer’s toolkit. Combined, RDi serves as an extension of RPG’s capabilities. This e-book features insight from experts including IBM’s Tim Rowe, Central Park Data Systems’ Charlie Guarino and veteran RPG programmer and developer […]


How Collaboration and Education Can Help Close the IBM Z and COBOL Skills Gap

February 7, 2022

How do we maintain interest from new IBM Z and COBOL talent? The keys seem to be: education, collaboration and fun. Dr. Cameron Seay, for example, has taught both COBOL and IBM Z at different schools. It’s not that no one is interested in learning about them; it’s just that the information needs to be […]


Women of COBOL Episode 1: Overturning Biases on COBOL and Women in Tech


November 15, 2021

Announcing the first episode in our TechChannel-hosted video series spotlighting women of COBOL, moderated by Misty Decker! This episode’s guests include: Moderator: Misty Decker, product marketing director, Micro Focus Maemalynn Meanor, senior PR manager, The Linux Foundation and Open Mainframe Project Keelia Estrada Moeller, senior editor, TechChannel Transcript Misty Decker: Hi and welcome to our very first episode of […]


Key Considerations for Comparing NoSQL and SQL

Alex Williams

February 19, 2021

Data models conceptually describe the logical structure of data storage inside a database. While there are many data models, we will mainly talk about two kinds in this guide: 1. Document data models The document data model uses a simpler key-value pairs storage form. The key itself typically takes the form of a string that […]


TechChannel E-book: Using Modern IBM i Application Development Tools


February 8, 2021

Today’s RPG is barely recognizable as its earlier version—in format, syntax, capability and flexibility. It evolved along with programmer needs into a fully free-form language that modern programmers can easily pick up. And RDi is the only editor that supports all modern RPG syntax and features. Similarly, one of the IBM i platform’s greatest strengths […]


Improved Error Handling Increases Usability

Jim Schesvold

March 1, 2019

Errors can be managed, anticipated, controlled and sometimes resolved if an IT development unit is properly structured.


Prestart Job Messages

January 4, 2019

This article reviews the messages sent by various types of prestart jobs and provide examples of how to gather useful information from these messages


Watches and Job Log Messages

Dawn May

November 5, 2018

Watches make life easier if you need to track down an intermittent error or a difficult-to-find issue in a prestart job


Julia Programming Language Bridges the Machine-Learning Gap

Sol Lederman

August 1, 2018

Previously unsolvable computational problems are now within reach thanks to the convergence of a number of powerful forces. Recent tech advances in self-driving cars, machine translation and image and speech recognition wouldn’t be possible without corresponding advances in hardware and software. Deep learning, a programming approach where the computer learns from experience and concepts rather […]


Writing Applications Means Knowing the Process and Its Users

Jim Schesvold

July 1, 2018

A few years ago, I helped a client modify and enhance applications in key business processes like marketing, accounting, inventory management, order processing and customer service. I wasn’t an expert in application design or coding; my specialty was system software like CICS, Db2, VSAM and MVS, but I did know the COBOL, PLI and Assembler […]