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Preparing for DORA: Is Your Enterprise Resilient?

Mark Wilson

April 15, 2024

Vertali’s Mark Wilson on DORA’s implications, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and how to respond to cyber incidents


The Complete Beginners’ Guide to Hacking a Mainframe

Trevor Eddolls

October 12, 2023

Any movie or TV show makes hacking seem like a trivial affair. A couple of minutes of screen time and some nerdy kid shouts, “I’m in.” Five minutes later, all the data has been stolen and dangerous applications have been rewritten (compiled and executed). We know that’s not how it happens, but the worrying thing […]


Announcing IBM i 7.5 TR3 and 7.4 TR9

Steve Will

October 10, 2023

Believe it or not, fall is here, which means it’s time for another IBM i announcement. The team has once again spent the summer traveling around the world listening to user feedback from our community and IBM i Advisory Councils and have delivered several key enhancements to our platform and Licensed Program Products (LPPs) that […]


Detect and Eliminate Malware in Your Mainframe Systems

Al Saurette

July 27, 2023

Seldom a day goes by when we don’t hear about the latest ransomware attack. This is the current scourge of the internet, and mainframes are not exempt. Spreading malware—or if you are an insider, even “renting” malware as a service—is as easy as a trip to the web. Attack vectors that include cryptomining executables, encrypting […]


IBM z16 and Power10 Deliver Highest Reliability Among Mainstream Servers for 15th Consecutive Year

Laura DiDio

July 5, 2023

The IBM z16 mainframe lives up to its reputation for delivering “zero downtime.” The latest z16 server, introduced in April 2022, delivers nine nines—99.9999999%—of uptime and reliability. This is just over 30 milliseconds of per server annual downtime, according to the results of the ITIC 2023 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Survey. ITIC’s 2023 […]


John Westcott on Unlocking the Value of Data

Charlie Guarino

June 1, 2023

Db2 for i consultant John Westcott on the business benefits of dimensional modeling


The Case for IBM i and the Cloud

Paul Tuohy

May 23, 2023

This transcript is lightly edited for clarity. Paul Tuohy: Hi everybody and welcome to another iTalk Business with Tuohy. I’m delighted to be joined today—well actually joined again today by Tom Huntington, who is the executive VP of technical solutions at Fortra. Sorry—before we go any further Tom, just to get this out of the […]


Debbie Saugen on IBM i Backup and Recovery

Charlie Guarino

May 1, 2023

This transcript is lightly edited for clarity.   Charlie Guarino: Hi everybody. This is Charlie Guarino. I’m sitting here today with Ms. Debbie Saugen of Debbie Saugen Consulting. Debbie, you and I have known each other for quite some time and I know you are the recognized worldwide expert on IBM i backup and recovery, […]


IBM and Cohesity Collaborate to Offer New Security Solution


March 3, 2023

On March 2, IBM announced that it is partnering with Cohesity to offer a new Storage Defender solution that includes IBM Storage Protect, IBM Storage FlashSystems, IBM Storage Fusion, and Cohesity DataProtect. IBM Storage Defender uses AI and event monitoring to combat the impacts of breaches and cyberattacks as security risks rise in today’s data-driven […]


IBM, Lenovo, HPE and Huawei Servers Remain Most Reliable Despite Security and Supply Chain Challenges

Laura DiDio

December 13, 2022

According to a 2022 ITIC survey, the zSystems mainframe and LinuxONE III recorded 3.15 seconds of unplanned per server/per minute annually—making IBM servers the most reliable