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Under the Hood with Maxava

Maxava's Ash Giddings and Martin Norman offer expert insights on high availability and reveal key features of Maxava's cutting-edge HA/DR solution for IBM i

In this Ask the Experts video segment, Dawn May—IBM i consultant, technical expert and president of COMMON North America—connects with Maxava’s Ash Giddings, product manager, and Martin Norman, business services and operations manager, to discuss:

  • Maxava’s unique approach to logical replication 
  • How best to handle replication of the IFS
  • How to ensure data integrity

Discover the inner workings and powerful features of Maxava’s cutting-edge high availability solution, designed to protect critical business data and ensure uninterrupted operations. Go “under the hood” with Ash Giddings and Martin Norman to learn how Maxava’s team can help minimize downtime, provide seamless replication and deliver comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities that are essential in today’s IT landscape.