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Harnessing the Power of AI in the Financial Industry

Emma Pitzl

August 3, 2023

AI is all the rage in the tech industry as well as the mainstream media as more and more news stories talk about OpenAI and ChatGPT. But its capabilities extend beyond those generative uses. “Despite the lack of familiarity for most people, AI is a technology that’s transforming the way we do business, interact and, […]


IBM Announces 2023 IBM Power Strategy


February 14, 2023

Today, IBM announced several updates to IBM Power, as well as its 2023 strategy for IBM Power clients and partners. Ken King, general manager of IBM Power, says, “It is well known but worth reiterating that IBM Power is designed for mission-critical workloads that require superior availability, reliability, security and performance. In other words, it’s […]


Streamline Fintech Data Management With IBM Hyper Protect Services

Shrirang Kulkarni

January 28, 2022

Many banks and financial institutions are modernizing their IT systems and applications to become more agile and responsive by adopting a hybrid multicloud strategy, which involves minimal lift and shift. IBM is a major provider of hardware, software and services that are geared towards helping customers through their mainframe modernization journey. The process of migrating […]


IBM Announces IBM Telum Processor


August 25, 2021

At the annual Hot Chips conference, IBM revealed new details of its upcoming, three-years-in-development IBM Telum Processor that features deep learning AI inference to detect fraud as it occurs. Telum will be the central processor chip for the next generation IBM Z and LinuxONE systems. In order to conduct AI far from on-site applications and […]


How Crypto Revolutions in the Financial Industry Link to Modern-Day Conceptions of Fintech

Ilija Acimovic

March 16, 2020

The financial sector experienced turmoil in the past decade. We don’t have to hand cash or credit cards to our taxi drivers anymore as we can use an app instead. Furthermore, we can easily send money to our friends and family via Payoneer and Paypal, never leaving the comfort of our homes. What’s more, today […]