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Preparing for DORA: Is Your Enterprise Resilient?

Mark Wilson

April 15, 2024

Vertali’s Mark Wilson on DORA’s implications, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and how to respond to cyber incidents


The Cost of a Data Breach Reaches an All-Time High of $4.45 Million

Evelyn Hoover

September 26, 2023

MGM Resorts was the latest victim of a social engineering hack that brought the casino chain to its knees. The breach happened last week when hackers obtained a password by posing as an employee of the Las Vegas resort chain. According to published reports on TechCrunch and Bloomberg, the attack crippled MGM’s hotel guest services […]


POSIX-tivity and IBM Z

Reg Harbeck

August 17, 2023

“Standard,” according to, can be used as a noun that means, “Something used as a measure for comparative evaluations; a model.” The history of standards is a deeply interwoven thread through the history of humanity. But the emergence of computing and IT over the past century has been a somewhat special yarn. On one […]


The Ongoing Challenge of Keeping Personal Data Private

Charlie Guarino

August 22, 2022

Charlie Guarino: Hi everybody, this is Charlie Guarino. Welcome to another edition of TechTalk SMB. I’m very happy today to be sitting with the vice president of strategy, CTO and CISO, which is the chief information security officer, of Arcad Software, none other than Mr. Michel Mouchon. Michel, what a pleasure it is to be […]


IBM z16 Accelerates AI, Simplifies Compliance, Safeguards Data and Avoids Outages

Neil Tardy

June 7, 2022

Following the IBM z16 GA on May 31, IBM’s Kelly Pushong highlights key IBM z16 benefits, community reactions and the importance of collaboration for this latest zSystems release


Kubernetes Container Security Best Practices With Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes

Cayla Jenkins

August 30, 2021

As we work with organizations who are adopting containers as part of their software development strategy, we have seen container security become a challenge for many, and at times an aftersight. This is not on purpose, but primarily a result of the vast differences between the new technology of containers versus the virtualization model many […]


Streamline Regulatory Compliance With a Hybrid Cloud

Kristin Lewotsky

April 1, 2019

In today’s business climate, just delivering goods and services to customers is no longer enough. Amid an ongoing stream of security breaches, countries, regions and industries around the globe have established regulations governing data protection—data privacy and data security. As a result, enterprises need to demonstrate and maintain compliance around egulations such as the European […]


Compliance Requires Layered Security

Kristin Lewotsky

March 1, 2019

Businesses need to worry about more than just developing products and services for their customers. They need to deliver those products and services while complying with a plethora of standards and regulations governing how data can be collected, processed, stored and transferred. These standards range from highly specific documents covering niche markets like healthcare, to […]


IBM Infrastructure Plays a Critical Role in Cloud, AI and Security

Evelyn Hoover

February 1, 2019

Cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and security all have underpinnings in infrastructure—the servers, storage and software that power an organization. A purpose-built architecture is critical to achieving the performance needed for current and future business requirements. “Technology alone can’t transform a company, but it’s a very essential ingredient in business transformation,” says Tom Rosamilia, senior vice […]


DevSecOps Matters for the Mainframe

Kristin Lewotsky

January 1, 2019

Today’s customers want new services and they want them now. To remain competitive and keep up with customer needs, organizations are seeking ways to innovate rapidly around some of their most valuable assets—customer data and enterprise data. At one time, the mainframe was viewed as an isolated system. Data was often moved to a different […]