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The Future of Now: SHARE’s New Memberships and Digital Innovations

Scott Fagen

January 29, 2024

Now that we are three years into the post-COVID environment, new realities and challenges have emerged for people, businesses and organizations. SHARE’s members and volunteers have been working hard to meet them head on, and SHARE looks forward to continuing the evolution of the organization in 2024. In addition to continuing to provide the gold […]


DEI Panel Connects Mainframe’s Working Generations With One Another

Victoria Schutz

January 26, 2024

There are currently five different generations making up today’s workforce, and each of them brings unique backgrounds and perspectives. Though beneficial in a vacuum, generational differences can divide us in both the workplace and beyond. At the SHARE New Orleans conference in August 2023, Broadcom and the Making Our Strong Community Stronger initiative (MSCS) held […]


IBM’s watsonx Day 2 Focuses on AI Governance

Neil Tardy

January 26, 2024

In 2023, AI went mainstream—or at the very least, techies were no longer the only ones talking about it. ChatGPT Version 4 became available in March of last year. With that, and with the ready accessibility of AI bots from Google, Microsoft and others, more people tinkered with these tools and shared their experiences. Ultimately, […]


i Can Homecoming: Upcoming COMMON Events

Dawn May

January 18, 2024

My fans may have noticed a lack of i Can blog posts recently, particularly in the latter half of 2023. I apologize and confess that the main reason for my absence is I simply needed a break. The i Can blog started in 2009, and after over 13 years of regular postings, writer's block hit […]


IBM Z Day 2023 Focuses on the Future

Sofia Haan

October 25, 2023

IBM Z Day, IBM’s annual virtual conference, returned this year to showcase the next generation of innovation. Throughout the one-day event, thought leaders, global developers and mainframe users of all levels came together to connect, learn and be inspired by the latest insights in IBM Z technology. IBM Z Day 2023, held on Oct. 18, […]