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The Triumphant Return of Centralized Systems

Reg Harbeck

April 5, 2024

Greg Szabo on his long mainframe career and still loving what he does. (There's also a quick lesson on Canadian geography.)


Essential Factors for ERP Success in 2024

Craig Skonieczny

January 10, 2024

If you desire to enhance your business processes and performance, diminish your IT expenses and labor costs, and furnish real-time data and reporting capabilities, you should contemplate implementing an ERP system. These are some of the top reasons enterprises pursue ERP systems, which gather various functions and departments, such as finance, operations, and human resources, […]


IBM Announces Diamondback Tape Library


October 20, 2022

Today, IBM announced its latest archival storage solution: IBM Diamondback Tape Library. An extension of IBM’s comprehensive portfolio of data resilience solutions, IBM Diamondback is designed for organizations seeking to store hundreds of petabytes (PB) of data both securely and sustainably. This cost-effective storage solution enhances sustainability with its energy-efficient infrastructure and reduced environmental impact. […]


TechChannel E-book: How to Effectively Monitor and Measure Your Data Center

October 11, 2021

Running an efficient data center requires constant monitoring and measurement. This means understanding everything from storage best practices and tools for maximizing performance. Data temperature, for example, often determines the percentage of budget that gets devoted to storing different types of data. Once you create process maps based on the data’s temperature, you can better […]

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You’ve Heard the News, Now Dig Into the Details: Get up to Speed on the Power10 Announcement

Rob McNelly

September 14, 2021

On Sept. 8, IBM announced the new Power10 server, the E1080 (9080-HEX). While much has already been written about the new server, I’m here to share more details. If you take the time to check out even a few of the many links in this article, you’ll soon be up to speed. I’ve also included links to in-depth training, […]