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IBM Announces 2023 IBM Power Strategy


February 14, 2023

Today, IBM announced several updates to IBM Power, as well as its 2023 strategy for IBM Power clients and partners. Ken King, general manager of IBM Power, says, “It is well known but worth reiterating that IBM Power is designed for mission-critical workloads that require superior availability, reliability, security and performance. In other words, it’s […]


IBM i 2023: Guided Tours, the 35th and More

Steve Will

January 18, 2023

Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve decided to start 2023 off right by telling you a bit about what’s coming in 2023, while also telling you a bit about some things we did last year that you might want to know about. Let’s get started. In 2021 and 2022, IBM started selling Power10-based servers—with IBM i […]


Steve Will on POWERUp, Merlin and His Promotion to Distinguished Engineer

Neil Tardy

June 10, 2022

As chief architect for IBM i, a significant part of Steve Will's job is simply to talk about the platform, to inform and educate the user community. Last month's COMMON POWERUp 2022 event, the first such in-person conference in three years, Will quickly realized how much he'd missed those conversations. Of the week's many great […]


A Look at IBM i 7.5 and Merlin

Paul Tuohy

May 5, 2022

Paul Tuohy: Hi everyone and welcome to another iTalk with Tuohy. Delighted to be joined today by not one person but two people and two of my favorite people to do iTalks with. You can probably guess who they are given the time of year it is and what’s going on this week or in […]


Routing Work by User Profile and More Hidden IBM i 7.5 and IBM i 7.4 TR6 Gems

Dawn May

May 3, 2022

IBM has announced IBM i 7.5 and IBM i 7.4 TR6. A new release is a big deal and there are a huge number of great enhancements. Steve Will’s article, Announcing IBM i 7.5, 7.4 TR6, IBM I Merlin, is one of the best places to start for an overall review. You should also listen […]