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A Timeline of Mainframe Innovation

Reg Harbeck

June 20, 2024

IBM Champion Reg Harbeck outlines the history of the IBM Z mainframe and highlights its impacts over the past six decades


Shining the Spotlight on IBM Z Mainframe Innovations

Mary Welder

June 7, 2024

How the Telum chip, hybrid cloud, AI, quantum-safe cryptography, rack-mount configuration and open-source technology continue to drive the platform forward


A Next-Generation Mainframer Finds Her Way

Reg Harbeck

May 20, 2024

Emma Skovgård on the challenges and rewards of her new systems programming career


The Value of Open-Source Software on the Mainframe

Trevor Eddolls

November 3, 2023

Mainframes, as we know, are fast, reliable and secure. They can deliver data to users faster than any other platform—particularly, cloud-based systems—and they can ensure that the data is encrypted in transit, while stored and even when in use. The software that runs on these computing behemoths comes from reputable software vendors who ensure their […]


Open Mainframe Project Celebrates 5 Years of Zowe, Looks Back on Growth

Emma Pitzl

October 12, 2023

Since the Open Mainframe Project was founded eight years ago, the program has grown and evolved to become a pillar of the mainframe community, serving as a focal point for the deployment and use of Linux and open-source technology on the mainframe. Over the past near-decade, Open Mainframe has branched out into several other projects […]


Zowe LTS V2 Key Features, How Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe Has Evolved and More

Neil Tardy

July 14, 2022

Four years ago, Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe was spawned from the collective realization among mainframers that the silo is no longer suitable. With its second version announced in May, the open-source framework features expanded capabilities and a rapidly growing user base that’s using its tools to securely modernize mainframe environments. The “silo” is a familiar concept […]


TechChannel E-book: Unlocking COBOL Business Value


March 9, 2021

The ubiquity of both the IBM Z platform and COBOL programming language comes from the forethought IBM put into each in 1964 when the first mainframe was launched. COBOL was optimized for business processing with no need to recompile programs. As a result, it continues to run the world’s economy today. But many COBOL shops […]


Zowe Launches IBM Z Toward Modern Computing

Andy Youniss

May 1, 2019

As data growth continues on an exponential curve, our ability to process it efficiently takes on outsized importance. Mainframes—the true workhorses of the computing world—can be worth their weight in gold to companies and engineers pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning or doing heavy data analysis. Most Fortune 500 companies use […]


Getting to Know the Open-Source Zowe Project

Keelia Estrada Moeller

September 1, 2018

Zowe—the first open-source framework for z/OS—is poised to break new ground for IBM Z clients. Announced on Tuesday, Aug. 14, at SHARE in St. Louis, by executives from IBM, CA Technologies, Rocket Software and the Open Mainframe Project, the open-source project promises to be a game changer. “Open source redefines industries across the board. We’ve […]