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TechChannel Launches Ask the Experts Series

Emma Pitzl

July 13, 2023

The TechChannel team is always working to deliver fresh and innovative content to our audience. That’s why we’re launching a new thought leadership initiative: Ask the Experts. Connecting You to Expert IT Insights The TechChannel Webinars Ask the Experts series connects our audience directly to technical experts and thought leaders through a 15- to 20-minute conversation […]


IBM i at 35: A Celebration and Community Collaboration


May 3, 2023

This year marks the 35th anniversary of IBM i. What an amazing achievement this is—and one that everyone in the IBM i community should celebrate! In the words of Steve Will, IBM Distinguished Engineer and chief IBM i architect, “We will not pass up this opportunity to party like it’s 1988!” Here’s how you can […]


Closing the Mainframe Information Gap Through Education

Neil Tardy

January 25, 2023

If you’re reading this, you likely don’t need to be told that a mainframe career is very rewarding. The pay is excellent, the opportunity to work with world-class technology is exciting and the profession is filled with supportive people who are passionate about the platform. Dr. Cameron Seay, an adjunct professor at East Carolina University […]


The Art of Coding: Teaching the Next Generation of Coders

Julie York

January 19, 2023

Many of today’s most in-demand skills at U.S. organizations are computer science-based, and coding tops the list.   However, industries across the globe have voiced their concern over the lack of tech skills among high-school and college graduates. Of course, every country has its own projections for coders: Some project a labor market job growth […]


Recruiting Untapped Mainframe Talent

Nick Pachnos

January 11, 2023

One of the biggest challenges in the world of legacy technology is the talent gap. While venerable systems such as mainframes still run the world, it is incredibly difficult to find people to run and manage them. This creates a precarious situation for CIOs and CTOs who are under constant pressure to help their teams […]


Why Git Is Valuable to the Mainframe

Trevor Eddolls

June 24, 2022

There was a time when mainframes were very isolated and writing code meant starting from scratch (probably in COBOL) or adapting some other code that seemed to do something similar. I say “seemed to” because whoever wrote the code probably didn’t bother putting in comments that would make it easy to follow. Real programmers didn’t […]


FRAIKIN Group Develops a Flexible Thin-Client Environment

Jim Utsler

July 1, 2018

​UP CLOSE Customer: FRAIKIN Group Headquarters: Colombes, France Business: Fleet-vehicle provider Challenge: Lowering client-side costs while also improving user services Solution: Embracing Google hardware and cloud software to streamline its front-end computing environment, while also maintaining 3270 TE access to IBM Z Hardware: An IBM-owned and hosted IBM Z server; Google Chrome devices Software: SysperTec […]


ICU IT Services Expands its Market Base by Embracing Linux on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE

Jim Utsler

March 1, 2018

ICU IT Services used an IBM LinuxONE system to gain expertise in the Linux space and create Linux demo environments for its customers.


Instructor Brings the Mainframe to Eager Students

Valerie Dennis Craven

February 1, 2018

Phil Grabowski is passionate about the power of the mainframe. At the recent SHARE user group event, he chartered a bus so 29 students could experience the platform firsthand.


Andrea Fletcher, Software Developer, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

January 8, 2018

Name: Andrea Fletcher Title: Software developer Company Name: Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company Company’s Function: Final expense insurance HQ: Phoenix Years in IT: 3 The biggest challenge our data center is facing today is the rest of the company’s perception of what IT does. My favorite activity outside of work is any DIY activity. I […]