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John Connors and Milt Rosberg on Mainframe Security and Pervasive Encryption

August 4, 2022

Reg Harbeck: Hi, I’m Reg Harbeck and today I’m here with Milt Rosberg, who is global VP at Vanguard Integrity Professionals, and John Connors, who is CEO at Vanguard Integrity Professionals. And so John, maybe if you could tell us: How did you end up in the world of mainframe and security? John Connors: Well […]

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What Is the TLS Handshake Process?

Subhasish Sarkar

December 15, 2021

A vast majority of web applications and websites today use the HTTPS protocol that enables data encryption between the client and server. It is, therefore, always a good idea to have at least a very basic understanding of how the whole encryption process works—how the encryption begins and how it is established, and that is […]


How Much Does a Data Breach Cost?

Trevor Eddolls

September 21, 2021

For the past 16 years, IBM has published research by the Ponemon Institute in the annual “Cost of a Data Breach Report.” Its 17th report was published at the end of July this year, and perhaps the biggest finding was that 2020 had the highest average cost for a data breach in 17 years. The cost […]


IBM Delivers a Frictionless Hybrid Cloud Experience With the New Power10-Equipped E1080 Server

Keelia Estrada Moeller

September 8, 2021

Today, IBM announced the new IBM Power E1080 server—the first in a new family of servers based on the new IBM Power10 processor. With the Power10-equipped E1080 server, IBM is providing clients with a frictionless hybrid cloud experience across their entire IT infrastructure. The Power E1080 server is built around the revolutionary IBM Power10 processor. […]


Introducing IBM LinuxONE III Express

Sofia Haan

May 18, 2021

Cloud technology has been growing in popularity for several years, as data-driven, app-based technology has become an integral function of daily life. From business applications to consumer solutions, the cloud is a staple for storing and managing data. To meet the cloud-based data needs of various tech workflows while maintaining a high security standard at […]


TechChannel E-book: How to Combat Remote Work Security Risks


May 10, 2021

Throughout this pandemic, many of us learned to effectively implement remote work strategies, fundamentally changing the way companies do business now and into the future. As we start to move closer to “normalcy,” it’s clear that remote work doesn’t seem to be going away. While remote work offers clear advantages for flexibility and productivity, it […]


Data Encryption Strategies You Can Use to Keep Data Safe—at Work, or at Home

Brad Smith

April 29, 2021

With so many more people working, banking and otherwise living their lives from home and through the internet, there’s been a lot of talk about online safety and encryption. Whether you’ve been searching for ways to tighten your cybersecurity or you’ve been browsing the headlines of the most recent breaches, you’ve probably come across data encryption. […]


The Best Ways to Keep Your Data Private

Brad Smith

January 28, 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have turned to the internet to help get daily tasks safely completed. Whether it’s ordering your next grocery delivery online or hosting video calls from a make-shift home office, technology has become not just a luxury, but a necessity, for many. As vaccines begin to roll […]


Developing an Audit Process for Data Set Encryption

March 30, 2020

Two of the challenges of planning and implementing data set encryption under z/OS is how to determine whether data sets targeted for encryption are eligible and (during rollout) which have actually ended up encrypted. Because pervasive encryption can be a large project taking on many phases, those involved with implementation will want to have the […]


z15: Next-Gen Security and Resiliency for Hybrid Multicloud

Angela Fresne

September 12, 2019

On Sept. 12, IBM announced the new IBM z15. The mantra for this new generation of the enterprise platform is “the cloud you want with the privacy and security you need,” announcing to the world that IBM Z is ready to help integrate sensitive workloads into the hybrid multicloud. IBM is rolling out major steps […]