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Video: Supercharge Your IBM i Applications With Generative AI

Patrick Behr

January 10, 2024

This transcript has been edited lightly for clarity. Artificial intelligence has been getting a lot of attention these days. Elon Musk believes that it’s the most disruptive force in history and it’ll eventually take over the workforce. Now, whether or not that’s true, there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is going to have a big […]


Announcing IBM i 7.5 TR2 and 7.4 TR8

Steve Will

April 11, 2023

Spring has begun, and that means it’s time for yet another IBM i announcement. The team has been hard at work addressing many customer requests, and today, we are announcing Technology Refreshes together with other important updates from IBM. We have announcements for IBM i 7.5 TR2 and 7.4 TR8, as well as IBM Rational […]


Routing Work by User Profile and More Hidden IBM i 7.5 and IBM i 7.4 TR6 Gems

Dawn May

May 3, 2022

IBM has announced IBM i 7.5 and IBM i 7.4 TR6. A new release is a big deal and there are a huge number of great enhancements. Steve Will’s article, Announcing IBM i 7.5, 7.4 TR6, IBM I Merlin, is one of the best places to start for an overall review. You should also listen […]


Announcing IBM i 7.5, 7.4 TR6, IBM i Merlin

Steve Will

May 3, 2022

It’s here! Announce day—May 3, 2022. We finally get to unveil the next major release of IBM i—7.5—as well as a new Technology Refresh (IBM i 7.4 TR6) and a brand new product we call “Merlin” internally.[1] This set of announcements is so big, all I can do is cover a few highlights. Future posts […]


IBM Power Champion Birgitta Hauser on SQL and Modernization

Charlie Guarino

January 3, 2022

Charlie Guarino: Hi everybody. Welcome to another edition of TechTalk SMB. Today I am joined by the queen of SQL for Db2 for i, a world—renowned expert on SQL, somebody who freely gives so much of her time in the IBM i forums, somebody who I've had the great pleasure of speaking with in many cities […]


TechChannel E-book: Streamline Your Modernization Strategies With Open Source and SQL With Db2 for i

December 6, 2021

Modernization strategies come in many forms—each with a unique blend of cost, risk and value. But some strategies are better than others, depending on your organizational needs. Some organizations still have hesitations about adopting the most effective modernization strategies—such as establishing a virtual layer of SQL views within physical data models or leveraging open-source technologies. […]


Active Prestart Jobs in New Navigator

Dawn May

October 13, 2021

It’s important that you review and tune your prestart job configuration settings for optimal performance. In the past, this was a bit tedious as you had to use the Display Active Prestart Jobs (DSPACTPJ) command to display the statistics for each prestart job entry. With the addition of the IBM i services for prestart jobs, this became […]


Use Cases for SQL’s CASE statement

Rick Flagler

October 11, 2021

Have you ever wanted to conditionally do some processing in an SQL SELECT statement? I‘m sure you have, as this isn’t really an unusual situation. In RPG and other languages, we have the IF or SELECT statements for this. In an SQL procedure, you can also use IF. But in a SELECT statement, the way […]


Rudi Van Helvoirt on COVID-19 and the Future of SQL Programming

Paul Tuohy

October 4, 2021

Paul Tuohy: Hi everyone and welcome to another iTalk with Tuohy. I'm delighted to be joined today by, I think long overdue iTalk with my friend, my colleague and IBM Champion Rudi Van Helvoirt. Rudi, how are you?   Rudi Van Helvoirt: I'm fine.   Paul: Did I kill your name? Was I close enough in the […]


IBM i New Navigator

Dawn May

September 21, 2021

One of the most exciting functions is Navigator for i – new version!, which IBM refers to as “New Nav.” The existing Navigator web console is now called the “Heritage Version.” The IBM announcement included the following text: “Navigator for i has been completely reimagined from the ground up. Leveraging the very latest in web technology, […]