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The Importance of Cloud-Based HA/DR Technology

Jennifer Goforth Gregory

September 30, 2021

For many organizations, budgeting discussions for disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA) have played out in a similar manner for decades: The IT department asks to spend a set amount for capital expenditures and a set amount for operating expenses. However, the infrastructure needed to back up the data center and networks in case […]


You’ve Heard the News, Now Dig Into the Details: Get up to Speed on the Power10 Announcement

Rob McNelly

September 14, 2021

On Sept. 8, IBM announced the new Power10 server, the E1080 (9080-HEX). While much has already been written about the new server, I’m here to share more details. If you take the time to check out even a few of the many links in this article, you’ll soon be up to speed. I’ve also included links to in-depth training, […]


Get Notified When Nearing the Maximum Number of Spooled Files

Dawn May

August 11, 2021

An issue I encounter more frequently than I should is systems with a very large number of spooled files. This is a concern because IBM i has an upper limit on the number of spooled files. IBM i creates spooled output all the time, if for no other reason than job logs. If you hit […]


AIX Patch Management With Ansible, and the Broader Benefits of Automation

Rob McNelly

July 15, 2021

I made one of the classic blunders during a recent trip to the Grand Canyon. This had nothing to do with a land war, or a Sicilian, but as an Arizona resident and avid hiker I should know better: always, always carry your water bottle, especially during the summer. I venture to the Grand Canyon fairly often. This […]


Is Your Mainframe an Unguarded Fortress?

Dava Stewart

April 12, 2021

Why too many organizations fail to implement adequate security measures on their mainframe operations and how to effectively guard your IBM Z