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Attend a Virtual Community Day With IBM Z

On September 15, IBM will host a high-end computing virtual conference called IBM Z Day, which demonstrates the possibilities and potential of Z technology. Students and up-and-comers in the tech industry will learn why they should embrace the platform. From the extremely high demand for developers with IBM Z skills and developers to the high paying jobs, IBM Z Day will showcase the IBM Z platform’s strengths. There’s even a track for students + tech for good talks.

Hey, if a country (yes, this happened) can declare a National Day of Code on IBM Z Day, then why can’t we? In case you are curious, the IBM Z Ecosystem team collaborated with Cabo Verde Digital and the Secretary of State from Cape Verde (a small island state off the west coast of Africa). How big is this? Their Prime Minister and Vice Prime Minister have asked its students to join and learn how coding prepares youth for the future of work. Check out this video from Dino D’Santiago encouraging you and everyone you know to attend. Dino will join us for a session on the intersection of computer science and the arts. Don’t miss it!

The conference will highlight industry trends and innovation, advance your tech skills, explore technical case studies and help you discover how to build a path to Z. The event is only one day long but will feature over 100 industry speakers. There are five tracks that attendees can explore:

  1. The IBM Z track will explain the platform’s mantra of open | on | secure and show how Z is capable of running 30 billion transactions each day.
  2. The Open Z track will demonstrate the importance of open-source technologies within companies’ technology strategies, and how they are being used for both IBM z/OS and Linux.
  3. Global Z, the non-English speaking track, will explore the worldwide Z community. Technical thought leadership sessions will be held in local languages from key geographies fueling the next era of IBM Z innovation.
  4. The Voice of Z track features global speakers shaping the digital landscape and evolving the tech industry while also making the world a better place.
  5. The last track is a 24-hour Global Student Meetup, where students come together to advance their skills, learn from subject matter experts and participate in the Master the Mainframe—the largest student mainframe competition in the world.

Featured keynote thought leaders include Ross Mauri, Willie Rejada, Marius Ciortea, Meredith Stowell, John Metric, Barry Baker and Skyla Loomis. Other sessions, featuring speakers with varying jobs and roles from company CEOs to college students, will span IBM Z-related topics from cryptography to DevOps to youth leadership.

There will be over 55+ hours of sessions total. If you can’t watch the livestream during the day, you can replay the sessions after the conference ends. You can also go back and watch the sessions in the other available tracks.

In celebration of IBM Z Day, IBM will double their donations to the UN World Food Programme for all students that complete Level 1 of the Master the Mainframe competition between September 15 and 30.

IBM Z Day is free, and open to anyone and everyone. Register now for the September 15 event here.