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Maxava is a worldwide provider of innovative monitoring, high availability, and disaster recovery solutions. Maxava’s software and services are available from a global network of partners and are integral to the cloud offerings of leading Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers. Maxava is an IBM Business Partner, and Maxava software is available via SaaS, cloud (Disaster Recovery as a Service and Monitoring as a Service), subscription and on-premise software licensing models.

Maxava HA Enterprise+ provides scalable, cost-effective IBM i real-time replication. Suitable for on-premise, co-location, and cloud environments, as well as cloud migrations.

Features include:

  • – Simulated Role Swap enables users to test their Disaster Recovery plan without downtime.
  • – Remote Role Swap Capability allows admins to perform a role swap via a mobile device.
  • – Multi-threaded IFS dynamically replicates up to 255 parallel processes to enable faster processing of IFS data.
  • – Command Scripting Function enables pre-enabled commands to be defined and run to reduce failover and role-swap times.
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Maxava’s Capture Point Restore (CPR) serves as a “recycle bin” from which to recover previous versions of your IBM i data. Configured files are captured right up to the last transaction, ready to be immediately restored if recovery is required. Immediately recover objects and data after unintended deletion, or corruption, with point-in-time recoverability. Other features include an added layer of ransomware protection, event-triggered archiving and support for archiving to IBM i and non-IBM i, local, remote, and cloud storage.

Implement Maxava CPR, the archiving solution for your IBM i

With Mi8 cloud-based architecture, you can monitor local and remote systems for potential issues. Monitored alerts are delivered to your chosen expert, and your platform of choice, allowing for immediate remedial action. This solution supports in-house, remote management, co-location and MSP monitoring.

Features include:

  • – Filter, Group and Display (FGD) technology, allowing you to choose who sees what, including business entity, location, systems type, operational area, platform and more
  • – Comprehensive monitoring for applications residing on IBM i, AIX, Linux, and Windows plus operating system, hardware, high availability and performance capabilities.
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