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Consolidate SQL Educational Resources With the SQL Tutor

Developers often use SQL to access data in Db2 for i. With the ever-increasing number of IBM i Services, system administrators have a need to learn SQL as well. Regardless of whether you are new to SQL, or an experienced SQL developer, there is always more learn.

A relatively new resource, the SQL Tutor, is available that consolidates many resources for learning SQL.

The SQL Tutor provides a wealth of links to educational information. Db2 for i Business Architect Scott Forstie, along with Application Development and Systems Management Business Architect Tim Rowe, recently joined forces to share a great deal of information. Their video blog, “i See,” shares tools, tips and techniques to help you work more productively. You do need to be a member of COMMON to access this video blog series.

Forstie also shares tips in using SQL via gistsgists are an easy way to share data, tips and techniques without creating a full-blown github repository. Forstie’s gists are a collection of helpful tips on using SQL to do a variety of tasks. On the SQL Tutor page, he has set up categories of gists so you have the ability to focus on the gists related to a specific topic. What is really cool is that Forstie has a page where you can find links to gists that demonstrate how to use many of the IBM i Services, which are above and beyond the examples provided with Run SQL Scripts.

The SQL Tutor is a page you will want to bookmark and visit often.