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Latest IBM Power Updates Aimed at Digital Transformation

What you need to know about the latest updates from IBM Power, including IBM i 7.5 TR2 and IBM i 7.4 TR8

Today, IBM Power announced several updates to help clients move forward with digital transformation while increasing profitability, improving performance and energy efficiency and modernizing operations.

The updates include extended I/O capabilities, Technology Refreshes for IBM i and new configurations to lower the cost of moving to SAP HANA.

New IBM Power I/O Drawer Capabilities

IBM’s new PCIe direct-attached 24-bay NVMe storage drawer will replace current SAS-storage
JBOD and RAID solutions to help clients reduce latency, improve storage capacity and performance and simplify storage management.

According to IBM, the new drawer capabilities can help clients reduce the cost of storage by 62% in dollars per TB, compared to current SAS-based Enterprise SSD solutions. They also offer nearly 10 times more I/O bandwidth (GB/s) and give clients the ability to directly attach up to 1.2 PB of storage to a single E1080.

The higher storage capacity of the drawers reduces the amount of infrastructure needed to run workloads, lowering clients’ energy consumption.

IBM i 7.5 TR2 and IBM i 7.4 TR8

The latest IBM i Technology Refreshes include improvements to Navigator for i, increasing usability and helping clients run complex data inquiries with better performance.

IBM is also offering tape backup solutions for IBM i environments running on Power10, including a new 4-port 12 Gbps SAS adapter with dedicated support for IBM i, new support to directly connect to 8 Gbps Fibre Channel tape libraries or standalone tape devices and support for new LTO9 tape technology—improving speed, capacity and performance.

Hybrid backup to cloud and on-premises environments will now be possible, thanks to IBM’s collaboration with FalconStor Software. That means clients will be able to migrate, back up and restore IBM Power Systems workloads to IBM Power Virtual Server.

Migrating to SAP HANA

IBM Power is introducing new configurations to lower the cost of migrating to 6 to 12 TB SAP HANA landscapes. IBM is allowing multiple DIMM capacities on the E1050 to optimize memory, providing up to 30% memory cost savings in 12 TB configurations.

Read the full announcement blog to learn more about how these updates will help clients simplify IT management and streamline budgets to focus on innovation.