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Make z/OS Analysis Graphical and Easy with ICEDirect

Empower your team and modernize mainframe administration with ICEDirect

ICEDirect stands as a pivotal web-based application platform designed to streamline the analysis and administration of critical mainframe components, particularly focusing on Integrity Controls Environment (ICE) information, Image FOCUS (IFO) and The Control Editor (TCE). This platform establishes a secure TCP/IP connection between a z/OS resident webserver and an internet browser, offering users unparalleled access to visualize and manage intricate mainframe controls.

Beyond its core functionality, ICEDirect offers support for additional optional applications, namely z/OS Visual and RACF Visual. Leveraging the unique z/OS to Browser platform, these applications transform traditional 3270 information and administration tools into modern visual interfaces, significantly enhancing user productivity and facilitating a deeper comprehension of complex z/OS and RACF controls.

Key features:
1. z/OS Visual: This application empowers users to analyze and manage crucial z/OS functions, including the IODF and z/OS Health Checker, through a contemporary interface. Notably, it facilitates direct selection and execution of MVS commands from the browser, aiding in the efficient management and troubleshooting of z/OS LPAR configurations.

2. RACF Visual: Designed for the inspection and administration of essential RACF controls, this application offers seamless integration with SETROPTS, enabling web-based command access for managing user profiles and class definitions. Additionally, it features the Certificate Intelligence application for certification and RINGS management, alongside a comprehensive RACF log of change activity for audit and compliance reporting purposes.

In summary, ICEDirect emerges as a pivotal tool for modernizing mainframe administration, offering a comprehensive suite of applications tailored to streamline the analysis and management of critical mainframe controls. With its intuitive visual interfaces, seamless integration with key mainframe functionalities, and robust security measures, ICEDirect empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of mainframe environments with unparalleled efficiency and confidence.

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