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Discover Hidden Value in the Software You Already Have

Organizations typically acquire applications to solve specific issues, using software with a single purpose in mind. Such was the case with a customer who had acquired our software to generate as many as 40,000 forms each day! Our work with them was to ensure the application ran as quickly as possible given the significant processing involved. Near the end of a conversation, almost as an afterthought, the customer mentioned their need for a more effective check printing solution.

This made me think about how much I enjoy delving into applications I use to uncover functionality that may not be
readily apparent. It’s like walking through the forest and catching a glimpse of a bear as it skitters away. The discovered feature may be something I had not even considered, but upon finding it, it provides an opportunity to improve functionality or streamline a task.

It turns out, our forms application also includes the functionality to generate checks. The MICR font is an integral part of the product, and checks can be generated to printers capable of printing with magnetic ink and as PDFs for
archiving, providing our customer with more functionality and value.

Sometimes we can become so focused on the task at hand that we overlook other valuable features. This is understandable. We’re all busy and under pressure to solve problems and deliver results. It’s worth taking time, however, to broaden the view, to discover hidden functionality in a solution you already use, to maximize ROI or find beauty that enriches your job and life.