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IBM Announces Next-Gen FlashSystem Storage Offerings


February 8, 2022

Today, IBM announced the new IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault, designed to help companies better detect and more quickly recover from ransomware and other cyberattacks. It’s part of a comprehensive suite of data resilience solutions, streamlining all phases of cyberattack recovery and reduce overall recovery time from days to just hours. IBM also released new FlashSystem storage models […]


AIX 7.3 Leverages Power10 Processor to Support Customers’ Hybrid Multicloud and AI Endeavors

Scott McKinney

October 19, 2021

The new AIX 7.3 release brings customers new ways to integrate their mission critical infrastructure with new and enhanced capabilities. IBM designed AIX 7.3 in response to feedback from customers, particularly around extracting business value from data and supporting their hybrid multicloud strategies. Its new features take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Power10 […]


Bringing Choice, Consistency and Protection to Hybrid Cloud Strategies

Keelia Estrada Moeller

October 13, 2021

Hybrid cloud has quickly grown in popularity, but with this extensive growth it’s more important than ever for organizations to develop strategies that address cost control, IT complexity, cybersecurity threats and data corruption. When developing a hybrid cloud strategy, notes Scott Baker, VP, Storage Product Marketing for IBM, it’s important for organizations to define what […]


Latest IBM Storage Announcements Address Key Hybrid Cloud Pain Points for Clients

Keelia Estrada Moeller

October 12, 2021

As hybrid cloud environments grow in popularity, organizations must develop strategies that address increasing IT complexity, public cloud costs, cyberattack threats and other data destructive events. Today, IBM in announcing new capabilities and integrations designed to mitigate these pain points—helping organizations reduce IT complexity, deploy cost-effective solutions and improve cyberresilience across hybrid cloud environments. These […]


John Dominic on Cloud System Benefits and Trends

Charlie Guarino

September 1, 2021

Charlie Guarino: Hi everybody. Welcome to another edition of TechTalk. I'm very happy today to join with me John Dominic of Maxava. John Dominic is the global vice president of Maxava. His U.S. headquarters are based in Philadelphia. John, I am very happy to meet with you today. I know Maxava—their primary focus is high availability […]


Cloud Computing to Address Europe’s Growing Data Infrastructure Needs

Saloni Walimbe

April 15, 2021

Rapid penetration of IoT technologies and proliferating smartphone usage has prompted a growth in big data applications. This, in turn, has led to the accelerated development of data centers worldwide. In Europe, in light of the global crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, several noted companies like Microsoft, Alibaba and NTT have made strategic investments […]


New Levels of Computing Flexibility

Jim Utsler

May 4, 2020

Designing a comprehensive computing environment was once a relatively straightforward endeavor: install a server and other hardware, load an OS and applications, and offer access to end users. This has become a bit more complicated as computing moves outside the confines of data center walls to become part of hybrid multicloud environments, which is a […]


Business From the Cloud

Neil Tardy

May 4, 2020

Almost a decade ago, some vendors implored users to get “to the cloud.” As sloganeering goes, it was catchy, but if anything, it oversimplified and undersold the potential of this transformational technology. These days, cloud is a ubiquitous presence in IT. In a 2019 survey of 800 companies, Flexera Software, a provider of IT assessment […]


Meet the New IBM z15 and IBM LinuxONE III Models

Karen E Lewis

April 14, 2020

Every client’s cloud journey is unique—there’s no one-size-fits-all. But most organizations are or will soon be operating in a hybrid multicloud environment. In this environment, you are challenged to keep data secured, systems available and costs manageable. Meeting these challenges requires the right IT infrastructure.  Enter the New IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE Models  New […]


z15: Next-Gen Security and Resiliency for Hybrid Multicloud

Angela Fresne

September 12, 2019

On Sept. 12, IBM announced the new IBM z15. The mantra for this new generation of the enterprise platform is “the cloud you want with the privacy and security you need,” announcing to the world that IBM Z is ready to help integrate sensitive workloads into the hybrid multicloud. IBM is rolling out major steps […]