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TL Ashford produces software to generate bar code labels and forms from IBM Power Systems running IBM i.
Barcode400 is the No.1 Labeling solution for IBM i to generate bar code labels. Barcode400 is used in every industry by thousands of companies around the world. TLAForms is fast becoming the premier solution to convert traditional IBM i spool files into full-color, professional forms.
Barcode400 and TLAForms are the most feature-rich, cost-effective software solutions available for IBM i, backed by exceptional tech support.
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Barcode400 provides a simple design tool to create labels. Add text, bar codes including 2-D bar codes, images and more while utilizing data directly from your IBM i files and applications. Labels can be printed to hundreds of thermal transfer printers as well as HP and compatible models. Labels can even be generated as PDF documents. Barcode400 has been integrated with nearly every ERP and WMS application software on IBM i, as well as thousands of in-house written applications. We also provide compliance labels at no additional charge for more than 500 companies in automotive, retail, healthcare and more.

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TLAForms allows you to use data from existing IBM i spool files to create professional forms with no programming. Create fields from IBM i spool file data. Place data on a form as text, bar codes or images. Use SQL to retrieve data from your IBM i files. Use actions to condition objects on the form to easily create a header page, detail page(s) and last page. Or use actions to condition output. For instance, email the form when an email is available. If an email is not available, print the form. The Form Design Interface makes designing forms easy and no programming is required to generate forms.

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