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Recognizing TechChannel’s 2023 IBM Champions

The IBM Champions program recognizes technology professionals worldwide who work with and advocate for IBM solutions. Since its formal launch (or relaunch) in 2015, the program has grown rapidly. In January when IBM announced the 2023 Champions, a total of 839 individuals representing 60 countries were recognized.

At TechChannel, we have the good fortune of working with more than 40 of these accomplished individuals. They author articles, write blogs, host podcasts and much more. Many of these relationships are long-standing, extending back to the days of IBM Systems magazine.

The IBM Champions of TechChannel

For instance, Reg Harbeck, host of the TechTalk Enterprise podcast, has written countless articles over the years, and in 2016 produced a video series on the history of the mainframe. He takes pride in equal measure of being the first—but no longer the only—IBM Champion mainframer to hail from Canada.

“Having spent my entire career as a mainframe computing nerd, my role as an IBM Champion for Z means a great deal to me,” says Harbeck. “My Champion status has opened doors for me to continually up my contributions.”

Charlie Guarino, host of the TechTalk SMB podcast, echoes these sentiments. “Being recognized as an IBM Champion validates all of our efforts in promoting IBM technologies and commitment to the IBM Power brand,” he says. “In concert with TechChannel, my Champion efforts are amplified across a much broader audience.”

Another consistent contributor is Dawn May. A former IBMer turned IBM i consultant and current president of COMMON, she writes about IBM i solutions and function on a near-monthly basis. “It’s an honor to be recognized as an IBM Champion for my contributions,” May says.

Dr. Cameron Seay, an adjunct at East Carolina University and a long-time instructor at historically black colleges and universities, believes his accomplishments as a mainframe evangelist have been amplified through his involvement with TechChannel.

“TechChannel has been instrumental in not only carrying the mainframe message to the world at large, it has given my work in particular special exposure. That the site has posted articles and podcast interviews on my bootcamps and mainframe teaching theory is sincerely appreciated, and a large part of whatever success I enjoy,” he says.

Rob McNelly, a senior solutions AIX architect, authored the AIXChange weekly blog from 2007 to 2020 and continues to provide regular roundups of AIX news and information for TechChannel. He sees a connection between his writing and his status as an IBM Champion. “A lot has changed in the past 16 years, but one thing that has stayed constant is my desire to keep learning and sharing information with the community,” McNelly says. “Being named as an IBM Champion is a great honor, and I plan to keep contributing for many years to come.”

As subject matter experts on the IBM mainframe and Power Systems platforms and related solutions and technologies, all our TechChannel contributors offer invaluable input, helping guide the editorial direction of this website. TechChannel simply would not be what it is without their efforts. Congratulations and thank you to our contributors, and all the 2023 IBM Champions.

TechChannel’s 2023 IBM Champions:

Torbjorn Appehl
Robert Berendt O.
Shawn Bodily
Larry Bolhuis
Steve Bradshaw
Jim Buck
Laticia Carrow
Herb Daly
Shrirang “Ranga” Deshpande
Trevor Eddolls
Alan Fulton
Susan Gantner
Jeanne Glass
Bartlomiej Grabowski
Ezriel Gross
Charlie Guarino
Reg Harbeck
Birgitta Hauser
Tom Huntington
Rebecca Levesque
Niels Liisberg
Jaqui Lynch
Pete Massiello
Dawn May
Scott McFall
Rob McNelly
Ray Mullins
Richie Palma
Jon Paris
Mike/Michael Pavlak
Tony Perri
Steve Pitcher
Dusty Rivers
Len Santalucia
Marina Schwenk
Dr. Cameron Seay
Alan Seiden
Marc Smith
Byron Smith
Karl-Erik Stenfors
Chris Sullivan
Janet Sun
Darren Surch
Robin Tatam
Simon Thompson
Paul Tuohy
Gajender Tyagi
Sebastian Wind
Carol Woodbury
Mark Wyllie
Andy Youens
Roberto de Pedrini
Rudi van Helvoirt