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Collection Services Configuration on IBM i

Dawn May

February 14, 2024

Dawn May shares tips on how to optimize the configuration of Collection Services


How to Upgrade to PowerVM v4.1.0.10

Jaqui Lynch

December 8, 2023

In this article I will go over my recent experience upgrading VIO servers from version 3 to version 4. The process is similar to going from version 2 to version 3, but I did run into a few issues that you should be able to avoid. The first step is to download the code and […]


Power10 Lessons Learned in 2023

Jaqui Lynch

October 30, 2023

2023 has been a busy year with lots of Power10 implementations. And I have learned a great deal during that time from a combination of experience, IBM documents and tips from friends. It is important that you follow the instructions on how to set up your Power10 server. The addition of the VMI (Virtualization Management […]


Manage IBM i Jobs With Service Commander

Jesse Gorzinski

August 22, 2023

IBM i can run more technology than ever before. As such, the types of jobs that can be run are quite diverse—ILE programs, Db2 tasks and PASE programs can happily coexist. This synergy is indeed powerful, but it does come with a cost. All these jobs can be difficult to manage! Consider the simple notion […]


When the Latest and Greatest Isn’t That Great

Rob McNelly

August 15, 2023

I recently went on a wild ride while with family. Thanks to a last-minute cancellation, my sister and niece needed to get from Rochester, New York, to Newark, New Jersey, to catch their connecting flight home to Phoenix. That flight, from Newark was scheduled to leave around 8 p.m. We were notified of the cancellation […]


Performance Implications for CICS Applications Using COBOL Version 6

Ezriel Gross

August 2, 2023

Rocket Software’s Ezriel Gross highlights a methodology for CICS problem analysis and performance tuning—and shares how it led to a 92% savings in CPU for a heavily used transaction


Configuring Hybrid Network Virtualization for AIX

Chris Gibson

May 26, 2023

In this article, IBM’s Chris Gibson explains how to configure Hybrid Network Virtualization for an AIX partition


Getting Started with IBM i Navigator System Monitors, Revisited

Dawn May

February 21, 2023

Dawn May explains how to set up system monitors in Navigator for i


A Look at Upcoming COMMON Events

Dawn May

January 4, 2023

COMMON is the preeminent organization offering the best educational opportunities for IBM Power Systems professionals. We’ve been busy setting up 2023, so let’s look at what is coming this year.  iHAXLABS Kicking off the year is a LoopBack Hackathon that is being held in conjunction with Common Europe and is branded as iHAXLABS. This event […]


Why Git Is Valuable to the Mainframe

Trevor Eddolls

June 24, 2022

There was a time when mainframes were very isolated and writing code meant starting from scratch (probably in COBOL) or adapting some other code that seemed to do something similar. I say “seemed to” because whoever wrote the code probably didn’t bother putting in comments that would make it easy to follow. Real programmers didn’t […]